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Nelnet is proud to provide our school customers with Nsight, a business intelligence system providing real-time reports and business intelligence. With Nsight, you will be able to access up-to-the-minute data, pull reports in various formats and analyze loan data interactively. As part of our dedication to playing a leading role in default prevention, we feel it is important to offer these reporting capabilities in a self-service format for all of our school customers.

Click here to access our helpful users guide to learn more about the capabilities offered and learn how to run reports in Nsight Plus.

Two Factor Authentication

A two-factor authentication process is now required to access Nsight. The first factor is your Nsight user ID and password. The second factor is a unique security code, which can be obtained from your Symantec Validation and ID Protection (VIP) credential. You can obtain your VIP credential from one of two places: a physical token that you currently use to access FSA websites or you can download VIP Access for your desktop. If you have any questions about this process, please call Nelnet�s School Service Center at 866.463.5638.

Watch this short how-to video to see how to register your credential on Nsight!

Video: How to Register

If you are unsure of your user ID or are locked out, please contact the
Nelnet's School Service Center (1.866.463.5638; SSC@nelnet.net).
If you have forgotten your password and need it reset, please click here.



This system may contain government information, which is restricted to authorized users ONLY. Unauthorized access, use, misuse, or modification of this computer system or of the data contained herein or in transit to/from this system constitutes a violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 1030, and may subject the individual to civil and criminal penalties. This system and equipment are subject to monitoring to ensure proper performance of applicable security features or procedures. Such monitoring may result in the acquisition, recording, and analysis of all data being communicated, transmitted, processed, or stored in this system by a user. If monitoring reveals possible evidence of criminal activity, such evidence may be provided to law enforcement personnel.

Privacy and security policies are consistent with applicable laws, Executive Orders, directives, policies, regulations, standards, and guidance. System use notification messages can be implemented in the form of warning banners displayed when individuals log in to the information system. For publicly accessible systems: (i) the system use information is available and when appropriate, is displayed before granting access; (ii) any references to monitoring, recording, or auditing are in keeping with privacy accommodations for such systems that generally prohibit those activities; and (iii) the notice given to public users of the information system includes a description of the authorized uses of the system.